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If you know someone who would find MicroEnglish useful, send them an invitation to try the site here.

When they register, you'll receive a week's full membership for free!


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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

When you invite a friend, you are sharing a unique link with them. If they visit MicroEnglish using this link and register, you'll be emailed a coupon for a free week's membership.

How do I use my coupon for a free week?

Go to this special upgrade page. On this checkout, you'll be able to enter your coupon code to get the week for free.

How many people can I recommend?

As many as you want! You'll get a new free week for every person that registers because of you.

I recommended a friend without using this method, can can I still have a free week?

Thank you for recommending the site! Yes, I'd be very happy to give you a free week. Just email me with the name/email of the friend you recommended and I'll send you a coupon for a free week.