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Free trial class

If you're interested in studying with me, I'm very happy to offer you a free trial class so you can get a feel for my teaching style.

Get in touch and I'll contact you to arrange the class.

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Chris is a very talented tutor - professional and knowledgeable


Even if I’m tired, studying with Chris is easy and fun. He can teach in a fantastic way.


We had an advanced grammar lesson and Chris made it easy to understand.


1-to-1 classes

Fluency Booster

Develop your spoken fluency with natural and relaxed conversation classes.
Through varied and engaging discussions, you'll get the opportunity to improve your confidence, practise new language and boost your fluency.
These are private, 1-to-1 classes. You can choose between a 30 minute class ($10) or a 1 hour class ($20). Book now!


Intensive Class

These classes are focussed on your specific needs and interests.
You'll get a chance to develop your speaking skills while receiving clear and constructive corrections. You'll expand your vocabulary, learn new grammatical structures and improve your pronunciation.
You'll receive homework after each class to continue studying at home.
These are private, 1-to-1 classes. Classes can be either 45 minutes ($22.5) or 1.5 hours ($45). Book now!

Group classes

MicroEnglish Live:

Coming soon!
Live micro-dictation classes to help you improve your listening and boost your vocabulary and grammar.
These classes will be free to attend and open to all.
If you'd like me to update you when Microenglish Live classes start, sign up here: