How MicroEnglish works

The exercises on MicroEnglish are very simple:

1) Listen to the audio:

2) Write what you think you have heard:

, . .

When you get the word right, the box will turn blue immediately. If your answer is incorrect, the box will turn red. For example:

2 + 2 = , 2 + 3 = .

On MicroEnglish exercises, you get instant feedback, word by word. You will know immediately if you have heard correctly, or if you made a mistake and need to listen again (or check your spelling!).

The exercises have been designed to encourage you to experiment, to keep listening and trying until you correctly understand the words you have heard. Doing this will help you to improve.

However, the exercises on MicroEnglish can be very difficult. If you find it impossible to understand a word, you can always reveal just that word (using ). If you like, you can even reveal all the answers (using ). You can also restart the exercise if you want to start again (using <).