25 essential idioms for
Business English

  • 75 challenging micro-listening exercises focussing on 25 useful Business English idioms

  • Improve your listening skills and practise understanding 5 different accents

  • Course cost: US$15.00

Understanding Business English is difficult.

If you need to speak English at work, then you will probably recognise the following challenges:

Business English is highly idiomatic

The language used in professional and business contexts is full of idioms, fixed expressions and cliches. Without a good understanding of common Business English idioms, you can get completely lost just seconds into an important conversation.

You are exposed to a wide range of accents

If you work in an international environment, or if this is your goal, then you will work with people from a wide range of countries. Your progress and success will depend on your ability to adapt to the variety of accents that you could encounter at work.

Understanding the detail is vital

In a business or professional context, mistakes can be very costly. Understanding the general idea is not enough - if you want to be effective, then you need to have confidence in your ability to understand the specifics of discussions, conversations and presentations.

You can overcome these challenges.

'25 essential idioms for Business English' uses micro-listening to improve your understanding of Business English

On this course, you will:


Learn 25 useful Business English idioms

This course will expose you to 25 important idioms used in business and professional contexts. Knowing these idioms will allow you to better understand spoken English, and will help you to sound more natural.


Practise with 5 different accents

The micro-listening exercises on the course will improve your ability to understand English spoken in a North American, English, Scottish, Irish and Australian accents.


Get better at understanding the detail

Understanding the general idea is important, but in professional contexts you need to understand the detail of what is being said. The micro-dictations on the course will give you intensive practice in understanding every single word.

"MicroEnglish is so useful for me to improve my listening skill.  This is great!"



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"I think this is a great way to practise listening skills. Thanks a lot!"



What's included in the course?

The course consists of 25 lessons. Each lesson focusses on a specific idiom or expression, and includes 3 different micro-dictation exercises showing the idiom in different contexts.


75 micro-dictations

Each idiom is presented using three different micro-dictations. Multiple contexts helps you to better understand meaning and usage of each idiom.


3 difficulty levels

Each micro-dictation is available in 3 different difficulty levels, so you can choose the level of challenge that you are comfortable with.


Revision quizzes

Check your understanding and memorise new language 5 revision quizzes including 50 revision questions in total.


Track your progress

Stay motivated and keep track of your progress through the course by marking lessons as complete.


Idioms explained

After you have completed the micro-dictations, you can check your understanding of the idiom by reading a clear and practical explanation.


Practise new language

Practise using the idioms, ask questions and see examples left by other participants in the comments section after each exercise. Get personal feedback from Chris, the course creator.

Who is this course for?


If you get frustrated at not being able to follow conversations and discussions at work...


If you feel stressed, anxious or embarrassed about your English at work...


If you worry about making mistakes due to misunderstanding something...


If you are tired of just surviving, rather than actually understanding...


If a lack of confidence is preventing you from making progress in your career and achieving your goals...


If you are ready to take action to improve your Business English skills...

...then this course is for you!  Sign up now

Frequently asked questions

Why are idioms important for Business English?

The English spoken in business and professional contexts is highly idiomatic. It is very common for people to use idioms, phrasal verbs, fixed expressions and cliches, particularly in more informal contexts such as conversations with colleagues or during meetings. You will find it much easier to understand the English spoken in your workplace if you have a good understanding of idioms as well as the ability to guess their meaning from context.

How many exercises are there?

There are 75 micro-dictations on this course: 3 micro-dictations for each idiom. In addition, there are 50 revision questions to help you practice and memorise the idioms.

Can we ask questions on the course?

Absolutely - you'll be able to ask me questions in the comments section after each exercise. You can also practise using the language, and get feedback on your examples.

After payment, how long will we have access to the course?

Purchasing the course gives you lifetime access - your access will not expire.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay securely with PayPal or using credit/debit cards with Stripe.

If you prefer, it is also possible to use alternative payment methods (e.g. e-wallets, cash/voucher payments, bank transfer etc).

Which idioms will I learn on the course?

This course focusses on the following idioms:

my hands are tied...by the book...from the ground up...on the back burner...up to speed...the ball is in your court...to get a word in edgeways...the elephant in the room...to play it by ear...upper hand...the bottom line...word of mouth...grey area...to jump ship...on the same page...to corner the market...to pull the plug...eye to eye...in the loop...a ballpark guess...to bend over backwards...to cut it fine...to put sb on the spot...to cut to the chase.

You will also learn several bonus idioms which are included in the micro-dictations.

What kind of approach is used on the course?

As with other material on MicroEnglish, "25 essential idioms for Business English" uses micro-listening exercises to present language. Micro-listening exercises are small, dictation-style exercises which require you to listen closely to sentences and try to write down exactly what you hear.

What are the benefits of micro-listening?

Micro-listening is a very efficient way to learn. These kinds of exercises are challenging - they require focus and repetition to complete, and this aids the memorisation of new language and structures. At the same time, completing the exercises helps you to improve your listening skills by developing your ability to separate connected speech into individual words, something that we all do naturally in our own languages. Micro-listening exercises will also help you to identify and fix problems you have with listening, such as mis-identifying words or having issues with certain accents.

Which accents are included in the listening exercises?

You will get practice with five different accents on this course - North American, English (Received Pronunciation), Irish, Scottish and Australian.

Are you ready to improve?

Business English is full of idioms, fixed expressions and cliches. This makes it very hard to understand!This course will expose you to 25 useful Business English idioms through 75 challenging micro-listening exercises. These will help you to memorise the new vocabulary while improving your listening skills and getting practice understanding 5 different accents.You\'ll be able to ask questions, practise the language and get personal feedback.#English #BusinessEnglish #ESL #Idioms