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Micro-listenings are quick dictations and drills to help you develop your listening skills.

Listen as many times as you need to, and try to fill in as many gaps as you can.


This clip is from an episode of the Table Manners podcast, which is a great podcast for getting practice with natural, relaxed conversational English. This episode features an interview with singer Gregory Porter.


North American.


Gregory is talking about how he used to get his mother's attention by singing and cooking.

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

, , ?
there's 8 house, you a way special, you ?
there's 8 kids in house, you to find a way become special, you ?

About the extract

...when there's 8 children...

When we use 'there is/are', the official rule is to use 'there is + singular/uncountable noun' (e.g. "Watch out - there's a glass of water next to your elbow") and 'there are + plural noun' (e.g. "There are several things you need to know about your new housemate").

However, in informal, spoken English, it is very common to hear people using 'there is + plural noun' structures, as in the audio. This is a good example of the way that spoken English doesn't always follow the rules of written English!

In situations like these, my advice to learners is that it is usually safer for you to try to stick to the rules, even though native and native level speakers sometimes break them. 


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Micro-listenings are short, intensive listening exercises designed to improve your ability to understand individual words and phrases in English. Micro-listenings will also expose you to new vocabulary and give you practice understanding a range of accents. #LearnEnglish #English #ESL #Listening

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