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This clip is from an episode of the Adam Buxton Podcast, which is a brilliant, funny and interesting conversational podcast. This episode features an interview with singer-songwriter, actor and presenter Charlotte Church.




Charlotte is telling Adam about her new project, which involves building a school.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

, , . , , , ?
So kids in schools, , don't the relevance. Like, there, what , why are they which they ?
So a lot kids in schools, particularly secondary schools, don't understand the relevance. Like, why they there, what is the , why are they doing this which they have no connection ?

About the extract

...what is the point...

'The point' is the reason for doing something.

If you ask what the point of something is, you are asking what its purpose is, or what the reason for doing it is.

If you say that there is no point in doing something, you're saying that there is no reason for doing something, that it is a waste of time.

A useful adjective from this expression is 'pointless'. e.g. "Staff meetings at my company are totally pointless. We never actually talk about anything useful".


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