Micro-listening #34

by | May 9, 2019 | Dictation | 2 comments

Micro-listening #34

by | May 9, 2019 | Dictation | 2 comments

Micro-listenings are quick dictations and drills to help you develop your listening skills.

Listen as many times as you need to, and try to fill in as many gaps as you can.


This clip is from an episode of the Adam Buxton Podcast podcast, which is a brilliant, funny and interesting conversational podcast. This episode features an interview with the British comedian David Mitchell.


English (RP)


Adam and David are discussing ageing.

Photo by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash

. , .
Nobody grey hair. object to that colour and , and that's other things you can't .
Nobody objects grey hair. They just object to hair going that colour and turning back, and that's a of other things you can't turn .

About the extract

...nobody objects to grey hair...

to object to sth and to object to sb/sth doing sth are important verb patterns to memorise. e.g. "I object to you talking to me in this way".


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My father objects to me going out with that guy.

I object to my sister going to parties every weekend and arriving late.

The word object is funny because it’s pronounced differently when it’s a verb or a noun.

Good job!

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