Micro-listening #29

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Micro-listening #29

by | Last updated Jul 28, 2019 | Dictation | 0 comments

Micro-listenings are quick dictations and drills to help you develop your listening skills.

Listen as many times as you need to, and try to fill in as many gaps as you can.


This clip is from an episode of the Adam Buxton Podcast podcast, which is a brilliant, funny and interesting conversational podcast. This episode features Adam's old friend Louis Theroux, the famous documentary maker.


English (RP)


Louis is talking in this section about writing a book.

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, , : " , ".
I can't was, might my dad, who : "Your brain a first draft, before you to write".
I can't who it was, might have been my dad, who : "Your brain has done a first draft, before you even down to write".

About the extract

...might even have been my dad...

This past modal structure (might/could/may have + past participle) is used to speculate about the past - this is when you aren't certain about something and are making a guess. e.g. I haven't seen Sarah for a while - she might have gone home early.

Notice that in this extract, the subject (it) is not used (i.e. the speaker says "might have been" instead of "it might have been"). This is a feature of informal spoken English.


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