My first tattoo is the worst (part 1)

by | Last updated Jul 9, 2019 | Intensive Listening | 0 comments

My first tattoo is the worst (part 1)

by | Last updated Jul 9, 2019 | Intensive Listening | 0 comments

Intensive listenings are advanced exercises based on popular podcasts. They are a great way to practise listening to natural, conversational English.


The Adam Buxton Podcast, in which British comedian Adam Buxton has relaxed and meanderingwithout a clear aim or direction chats with his guests about their lives and careers. It is a very entertaining podcast, and is fantastic if you want to practise listening to natural conversation.


This exercise is taken from Adam's chat with comedian Mae Martin, as she tells him about her tattoos.


North American (Mae), English RP (Adam).

Extract 1

MAE: I Beatles tattoo, um, , it's , I many
MAE: I a Beatles tattoo, um, bad, it's , I have so many

Extract 2

...all , like two years tattoos, , such bad choices.

ADAM: What one?

...all in my teens, period of like two years 18 tattoos, things, such bad choices.

ADAM: What first one?

Extract 3

MAE: The one's , um, oatmeal there...

ADAM: There !

MAE: The first one's , um, word oatmeal tattooed there...

ADAM: There it is!

Extract 4

MAE: Yeah, , uh, , I funny

ADAM: oatmeal?

MAE: Yeah, , uh, it was so, I so funny

ADAM: Why did oatmeal?


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My first tattoo is the worst (part 1)

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