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What is MicroEnglish?

MicroEnglish aims to help you learn English while improving your listening skills.

MicroEnglish provides regular English listening exercises to give you practice understanding natural, conversational English in a variety of accents.

These listening exercises will help you to overcome one of the biggest challenges of learning English - understanding native speakers.

How does MicroEnglish work?

The exercises on MicroEnglish are based on micro-dictations.

Micro-dictations are short, intensive listening exercises that focus on understanding individual words and phrases in a sentence.

Doing micro-dictations regularly is a great way to become a stronger and more confident listener in English.

As well as developing your listening skills, micro-dictations are also an excellent way to focus on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.



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Hello! I'm Chris.

Hello! I'm Chris.

I'm the founder of MicroEnglish.
I started MicroEnglish because I believe in the power of intensive listening to help students improve their English.
When I'm not working on MicroEnglish, I love cooking, walking, running and reading.
Oh, and I teach English! Find out more and book a class here.

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